1114 A Wellington St. West

Ottawa, ON

K1Y 2Y7




Store Hours

OUR store hours are very fluid as we are getting to know the foot-traffic in the area. Please send us a message if you're travelling from out of town to ensure we'll be there. 

Mon - Wed

CLOSED for production and creativity.

Thursday 11-5

Friday 11-5

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 11-4


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Artist-Proprietors Curate Unique Style

Artist owners Christina Lovisa and Judith Anderson had a vision of creating a hip little home decor and lifestyle boutique that was infused with local art and repurposed vintage items.  The style is completely unique and eclectically curated.


From Christina Lovisa:

Before the term "maker" there was no real word to describe a creative person that just made things all the time.  From the time I was very little to my present age, I have always considered myself a fountainhead - a person with limitless ideas! I am very astute in noticing shortage or problems and coming up with creative solutions.  The concept of A Curated Nest came to me from the desire to show people how to buy and live with both original artworks and cast-off objects (the trendy word being vintage items).  I am a repurposer, a re-imaginer, a painter, a maker, a decorator and an entrepreneur.  My resume is filled with accolades, accomplishments and varied creative paths: but the roots that tether me to this earth is my need to extract and enhance the beauty of my surroundings and make it obvious to others.  A Curated Nest is that expression of myself.

From Judith Anderson:

Hi I am Judy Anderson and I love to create art that mirrors a life I dream for myself. One of journeys bursting with colour and abstract layers. Now in my next chapter “ A Curated Nest” I can share my love of colour and layers to showcase artfully creative pieces that can live in your home and bring a smile to your face each and every day. 


Our one wish for this boutique is that it inspires

you to curate your own perfect nest.  If we can help you connect to art and cast-off items in ways that

you previously couldn't have, then our mission is

done and we are happy.