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Making your own version of YES paste with Christina

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Follow along in this free workshop tutorial which explains how Christina uses a quality brand of wall covering adhesive to make her own affordable version of YES paste. This recipe yields 4 litres.  For use in encaustic and mixed media art as decoupaging and wallpapering for murals etc. 

Watch the YouTube video hosted by artist, Christina Lovisa. 

200g dry powder.  If you follow the recipe on the box for a 1:20 ratio for Heavy Papers, you can make 4 litres from one box.  NOTE: I mix approx 1/4 a box per batch.  

Christina's Recipe for the perfect adhesive;

Follow the recipe on the box for making your adhesive.  Add a small amount of white glue, wood glue or modpodge to the recipe to create a permanent bond. *Cellulose-based adhesives are removable in general by letting the dried substance reactivate with water.  The  addition of a small amount of glue ensures a more permanent bond.

Watch Here

Here is a list of the products used in this video.

* Decoupage adhesive 

* Wood Glue

* Mod Podge

* Metallic Leaf (flakes)

* Wide mouth decanting jars/containers