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Artist-Proprietors Curate Unique Style

Artist owners Christina Lovisa, Judith Anderson and Pamela Rideout-Smith had a vision of creating a hip little home decor and lifestyle boutique that was infused with local art and repurposed vintage items.  The style is completely unique and eclectically curated. We now carry a wide range of art products from paints to panels to serve our art community.

From Christina Lovisa

The concept of A Curated Nest came to me from the desire to show people how to buy and live with both original artworks and cast-off objects.  I am a repurposer, a re-imaginer, a painter, a maker, a decorator and an entrepreneur.  My resume is filled with accolades, accomplishments and varied creative paths: but the roots that tether me to this earth is my need to extract and enhance the beauty of my surroundings and make it obvious to others. 

From Judith Anderson

Hi I am Judy Anderson and I love to create art that mirrors a life I dream for myself. One of journeys bursting with colour and abstract layers. Now in my next chapter “A Curated Nest”, I can share my love of colour and layers to showcase artfully creative pieces that can live in your home and bring a smile to your face each and every day.