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Art- Encaustic Art Pieces by C. Lovisa

1. "You Bet Your Sweet Cow It Is" 

2. " The Big Dipper" 

Original Encaustic art pieces on a 12" x 12" wood panel and framed.

Total size in frame is 13.5" x 13.5"

Each Sold Separately but would look great as a pair!

Encaustic painting is a mixed media technique that involves using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments have been added. The molten wax is then applied to a surface. The term is derived from Greek, meaning ‘a burning in’.
How to care for encaustic work? If the surface looks dull or gets dusty it can buffed to a shine with a lint free cloth.
Encaustic paintings do not do well in extreme hot or cold temperatures keep at normal room temperatures.

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