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Chalk Paint by Colorantic

SALE on 8 oz and 32 oz sizes

Sample size kits includes: 12 x 2 ounce jars for $60. We will select our most popular colours.

We are proud to be a local distributor of Canadian made Colorantic chalk based paint.

Colorantic will make a terrific paint for all encaustic projects or furniture refinishing.

The chalk paint has a chalky matte finish and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Which means that it does not contain any solvents which will propagate in a gaseous form in the atmosphere. The added dyes contain only a tiny amount. Our chalk paint is non-toxic, has no lead content and meets Health Canada standards.

Colorantic ™ requires little or no preparation depending on the surface of the project. We recommend a preparation product (such as Shellac) if your furniture is from a previous era or has been in contact with smoke. Colorantic ™ chalk paint has high hiding power and dries quickly, so you can finish a project in no time.

Our chalk paint is only available in plastic containers with a large opening which allows you to use your brush directly. We are committed to providing ready-to-use products to make the hectic life of our new and experienced painters easier. Our containers are reusable and recyclable. The plastic covers are screwable. No more metal containers!

Find out more on how to use Colorantic paints, glazes & waxes : here

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