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"Just hanging around watching the world go by" by Judy

Can be made to order. 
Art piece using Birds on a Wire Stencil.

Using many products from the store I have created this 6" x 48" mixed media piece.

Here is the basic process:

Collage in the background using tissue paper. Place the stencil on panel and spread the modeling paste to create textured birds. Let this dry. Paint the background with white chalk paint. Add colour to the wire with an All pencil. 

Add gilding size/glue to the areas on the birds that will have gold foil and let dry to tacky feel. Then add the gold leaf/foil. 

Add more detail as needed. In this case added gold paint along edges, adjusted the wire colour, painted in spots with gold paint etc...

This piece can be purchased or made to order. To DIY here is the product list:

* Art Panels - 6"x48" or 6"x24"

* Chalk Paint by Colorantic

* Gilding Size/Glue - needed to glue gold leaf/foil

* Modeling Paste

* Birds on a Wire Stencil

* Metallic Gold Leaf

* Art Scraper Tool

* ALL Pencil


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