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Mini Series Cluster Paintings with Christina

Buy the original paintings, 4"x 4" x1.5", encaustic and mixed media ($45 each).

OR ...follow along in this free workshop tutorial! Watch the YouTube video hosted by artist, Christina Lovisa. 

Watch video here:

Learn how to make small series art in a "batch format".  Save time and effort when making mini originals.  Finish individually for original quality and attention.

6 Pack of Wooden Art Panels (I used 4"x4")

* Chalk Paint by Colorantic - We carry handy 2oz sizes for testing colours

* Chalk Paint - Dixie Belle

* Art scraper tool- blue

* Rice paper

* Encaustic Pellets

* Paper Texture Paste

* Chalk Paste ( White on reorder and coming soon)

* Ephemera Packs

* ALL Pencil

Heat Embossing Tool

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