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Crow Stencil + Gel Art Ink + Cushion Cover

Customize your home decor by creating this crow cushion using very few supplies. It's so easy!  Choose your cushion cover, we used a cotton canvas material (18"x18") Position your stencil and hold in place using painter's tape or Krylon Easy Tack repositional adhesive spray. Use your dauber to apply the gel art ink using firm and steady pressure. Clean your stencil and dauber in warm soapy water. Let your project dry for 2-4 hours. Cover your crow with parchment paper and set your artwork with a warm iron. No mess!

Wanna buy the sample? OOAK, buy this cushion ready made or contact us for your custom order.

Products Required:

* Gel Art Ink in "Can't Never Could" (black)

* Crow Stencil

* 1" Dauber

 * Krylon Easy Tack Repostional Adhesive

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