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Decoupage+ Paper paste/adhesive (non-acrylic)

A premium quality adhesive for all your decoupage and mixed media "glueing" needs.  Safe for use under encaustics.  Made in Germany.  Cellulose based - non-acrylic!

200g dry powder.  If you follow the recipe on the box for a 1:20 ratio for Heavy Papers, you can make 4 litres from one box.  NOTE: I mix approx 1/4 a box per batch.  

Christina's Recipe for the perfect adhesive;

Follow the recipe on the box for making your adhesive.  Add a small amount of white glue, wood glue or modpodge to the recipe to create a permanent bond. *Cellulose-based adhesives are removable in general by letting the dried substance reactivate with water.  The  addition of a small amount of glue ensures a more permanent bond.

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