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Gel Art Ink

Gel Art Ink lays rich, permanent colour on fabrics, apparel, upholstery, and most soft surfaces.

What you'll love:

  • Create your own wearable art or customize your décor with vibrant pops of colour.
  • It's so easy! Just apply it to your favourite stencils and let it dry!
  • Easily set your artwork with a warm iron - no mess!

Gel Art Ink can be used on:

⭐️ Fabric

⭐️ Apparel

⭐️ Wood

⭐️ Plastic

⭐️ Metal

⭐️ Upholstery

⭐️ Paper 

⭐️ & Most Soft Surfaces!

Create your own wearable works of art with our Gel Art Ink! Apply the Gel Art Ink in thin layers through your Mesh Stencils or freehand it with an Artist Brush.

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