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Natural Acrylic Medium

The wait is over and now you can feel good about using acrylic paint with our all-new, first-of-its-kind, plant-based acrylic medium. This product is made with naturally archival ingredients to provide a permanent, water-resistant and non-yellowing finish that dries crystal clear. This product is truly non-toxic, plant based and contains ZERO petroleum byproducts*. Just like conventional acrylic mediums, this medium has many uses including mixing with natural pigments to make paint, a superb varnish / sealer, collage adhesive, and more. You can finally paint with confidence knowing there are no harmful additives, stabilizers, heavy metals or other toxic chemicals added.

Natural Acrylic Paint - mix with Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments to make your own natural acrylic paints that are perfect for use on canvas, paper, fabric, wood, stone, drywall and metal.

Packaged in a 437ml (16 oz.) glass jar.

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