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Art Tools

Tracing Wheel: Great for use over foil on wax or dragged through paint to create line work in your art.

Precision Craft Knife with 3 Blades for fine collage work.

Metallic Marker: 0.2 mm or 0.5 mm point writes on chalk board paint!

Chalk Writer: Great for writing on chalk boards, dry erase boards, glass, mirrors, cars, ceramic and more! Wet-erasable.  Mess and DUST free.

Chalk Brush Marker: Wet-erasable 15mm Brush Nib - Use on chalkboards, windows, glass , mirrors, ceramic, metal

Waxed Thread: 5 Yards ideal for book binding

Awl with Wood Handle: 4.53" total length, needle length 2.68" Ideal for book binding

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