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Writing By the Light of the Moon with Pam Oliver

Are you looking to connect with yourSelf on a deeper level? Feeling at a crossroads or otherwise ‘stuck’ with personal, health, professional or other life ‘stuff’? Is your creative Muse looking to get her moxie back?

This 3 week series is designed to reconnect you with your own inner wisdom and intuitive knowledge- bringing it into the daylight to be fully and authentically expressed.

This is NOT your grandma’s writing class! With over 20 yrs experience working as a Therapeutic Arts facilitator and college instructor, a psychic channel and Quantum Body and Medical Intuitive- Pam Oliver brings a lighthearted yet high impact approach to Self discovery and expansion.

Each evening will include guided mediation, intuitive writing and channeled messages and energy work (if desired) through Pam.

When: May 4 - May 18
Wednesday evenings: 6:30-8:30 (ish)

Introductory Priced $90 (reg. $140).

Maximum 8 participants.


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